Our premises at Pinewood Avenue have served us and the community well over the years but were showing their age and in need of refurbishment. The Trustees decided to improve and expand the services provided. Working with architects and builders a plan of improvements was drawn up, which will support our future vision for COATS and allow us to offer even more to our community.

Between May and October 2019 we undertook a major refurbishment programme.  From 18 November 2019 we moved back into our new-look centre, which now has:

  • A new roof with skylights to let natural light in.
  • Better access and entrance to our Centre.
  • More internal space to give us more room for activities and events.
  • Much needed storage space for equipment to support our activities.
  • Modern audio visual systems connected to the internet.
  • Much improved toilet facilities.

Our Trustees, Staff and Visitors are all very pleased with what has been achieved.