Our premises at Pinewood Avenue have served us and the community well over the years but are now beginning to show their age and are in need of refurbishment. The Trustees would also like to improve and expand the services we provide. Working with architects and builders we have come up with a plan of improvements to our building which will support our future vision for COATS and allow us to offer even more to our community.

Commencing May 2019 our building will be transformed. It will have:

  • A new roof with skylights to let natural light in.
  • Better access and entrance to our Centre.
  • More internal space to give us more room for activities and events.
  • Much needed storage space for equipment to support our activities.
  • Modern audio visual systems connected to the internet.
  • Much improved toilet facilities.

When we open our new-look Centre in the Autumn we will continue to offer everything that has made us so popular and successful to date, and will also introduce new events, activities and services to our Visitors and our community.


It will be clear that, with such major building work underway, our Pinewood Avenue premises will not be available between May and Autumn 2019. However, our generous friends and supporters at Wellington College have very kindly lent us the use of their Social Club “Napoleon’s Retreat” to allow us to continue to operate whilst our building is out of use. This temporary facility is very well suited to our needs and we are sure all our Visitors will find it very comfortable. 

Discussions are taking place with Wellington College to iron out many of the details but it is our intention to continue to provide everything we currently provide to our visitors including hot lunches prepared by the Wellington College catering supplier in collaboration with our own cooks.


“Through careful financial management, strong revenue from our charity shop plus the generous support of a number of benefactors we have sufficient reserves to fund the building element of Building a Better COATS. However we are looking for donations to help us fit out the refurbished building with good quality fixtures and fittings. Every contribution, no matter how small will help us to do this. Please visit our Gofundme page to donate.”


Artists impression of how the new Centre could look.